•  Weekly, semimonthly, or monthly on-site testing of steam boilers,  
          condensate return, cooling tower water, closed loop water, and waste water

  •  Written service reports with recommendations for all systems tested.

  •  Training of all maintenance personnel in proper testing procedures for all
          systems being chemically treated.
  •  Emergency service calls will be administered personally within 24 hours, and
          by telephone within 8 hours.

  •  Emergency chemical deliveries will be made within 24 hours.  Normal
          deliveries are 3-5 working days.

  •  We will remove and recycle empty drums at no cost.

  •  We offer free consultation for operational cost savings.

  •  Bacteria and fungi testing available for open circulation systems.
  •  A total service option is available and includes the following:
                o        All of the afore mentioned services.
                o        Complete chemical handling.
                o        Chemical delivery.
                o        Maintenance and repair of all water treatment control and feed     
  •  Steam boiler oxygen scavenger and, scale and corrosion inhibitors either
    pre-blended into one drum, or as individual products.

  •  Condensate control products for short, medium, or long runs.

  •  Cooling tower circulating water treatments for scale, corrosion, dirt, and
          microbiological control.

  •  Hot and chilled water closed loop system products, either nitrite or non-nitrite

  •  Waste water flocculants and flocculant aids.

  •  Enzymes for grease and oil control in drains and grease traps.
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