Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment
Our account managers are State of Michigan certified pesticide applicators
and have accounts throughout the Midwest.
Industrial Water Treatment

Hydro Chem’s wide range of water treatment programs are specifically designed
to improve energy efficiency, as well as, eliminate costly down-time.  With our
programs, Hydro Chem is ready to assist you with environmental concerns, and
fuel and energy conservation.  Our programs include:

•        Pre-Treatment
•        Internal Boiler Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
•        Condensate Return Line Treatment
•        Cooling Water Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
•        Microbiological Growth Control
•        Automatic Chemical Feed Systems

Waste Water Treatment

Hydro Chem’s Waste Water treatment programs combine safe and efficient
chemical, mechanical, and technical disciplines into a customized, reliable
treatment program.  We design Waste Water treatment programs using a broad
line of polymer treatments that:

•        Remove Oil Contamination, Heavy Metals, and related Processes
•        Meet Environmental Discharge Regulations
•        Include Polymer Feed Systems
•        Clarify Waste Water and Dewater Sludge
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