About Our Business
Hydro Chem Labs (a Michigan Corporation)

Hydro Chem Laboratories, Inc. established in 1976, develops and maintains
Industrial Water and Waste Water treatment programs for large and small
companies throughout the Midwest.  With Hydro Chem’s Water treatment
programs, you will appreciate the cost saving benefits of our customized
programs, through energy conservation, improved efficiency of natural resources,
and reduction of equipment down-time.

Hydro Chem Labs, a Michigan corporation, provides experienced, professional
service, with attention to detail.  We offer a full range of treatment services and
products, and tailor programs to meet your company’s specific needs.  Hydro
Chem’s professionally trained technicians understand your needs and work
efficiently to carefully maintain Federal and State Regulatory requirements.  Our
goal is to provide you with the latest Industrial Water treatment programs available.

We begin by identifying your company’s needs, and then develop a specific,
comprehensive treatment program for you.   A Hydro Chem representative will
then train your personnel in daily applications of water treatment, make regularly
scheduled service calls, and be available at any time to assist you, should any
situation arise that requires immediate attention.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory and production techniques provide the latest in
water treatment technology, flexible bulk or drum handling, and quick delivery.

Call Hydro Chem today and let one of our expert service technicians develop a
program to meet your Water Treatment needs.

Industrial Water Treatment

Hydro Chem’s wide range of water treatment programs are specifically designed to
improve energy efficiency, as well as, eliminate costly down-time.  With our
programs, Hydro Chem is ready to assist you with environmental concerns, and
fuel and energy conservation.  Our programs include:

•        Pre-Treatment
•        Internal Boiler Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
•        Condensate Return Line Treatment
•        Cooling Water Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
•        Microbiological Growth Control
•        Automatic Chemical Feed Systems

Waste Water Treatment

Hydro Chem’s Waste Water treatment programs combine safe and efficient
chemical, mechanical, and technical disciplines into a customized, reliable
treatment program.  We design Waste Water treatment programs using a broad
line of polymer treatments that:

•        Remove Oil Contamination, Heavy Metals, and related Processes
•        Meet Environmental Discharge Regulations
•        Include Polymer Feed Systems
•        Clarify Waste Water and Dewater Sludge
About Hydro Chem Laboratories, Inc.
Hydro Chem Laboratories, Inc.
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